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Hello all,

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year. As you might have noticed  WFGs has been down for quite a while due to a home remodeling projects that took most of the summer and left no time for writing  So with that said, we have  a new web address for Worlds Finest Guitars.   It’s a  simple change,  WFG’s can now be found at  We will be keeping this site up for a while with new articles  and information, but eventually we will switch over to the dot com completely . So book mark the new address now.  There will be some  great new content very soon.


1965 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard

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1965  Gibson Trini Lopez Standard Guitar Thin line electric guitar

 Vintage / Collectable, SN # 326200  Built in 1965 at Gibson’s Kalamazoo, Michigan. USA Plant.

The firebird style neck is straight, with great low action, no buzzing, original humbucker pickups. Some age checking and some small belt scratches on the back side.   

Red cherry finnish, Maple top and back, mahogany firebird neck with inline tuners , diamond shaped F holes, cream binding and trim, original Gibson case.  We have decided to take this guitar off the market  even after a high offer of $7,000.00. We are very proud to keep this beauty  in our personal collection. 


 look up the serial number here 

From Barn to Guitar

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Today at World’s Finest Guitars were going to get a bit whimsical with our post.

would like to show you a fantastic line of guitars that are made from reclaimed wood

And other salvaged  items that are useful for guitar hardware.

Barn Stormer


Dismal Ax Guitars” are a blend of old and new, fantasy and reality.

They incorporate many elements of the classic forms of the instrument, but present them

in different context, drawing inspiration from nature, and its ability to transform the

shiny and new into true works of art.

They try to keep Their designs and methods as simple as possible for many reasons.

Aesthetically, this just makes for a more visually pleasing instrument,

putting the emphasis on the inherent beauty of the wood,

Rather than on ostentatious detail.

More importantly, it represents an attempt to minimize impact on our ecosystem,

partly by reducing wasteful practices that do not significantly add to the practical value

of such an instrument, but mostly by promoting a more roots oriented, homegrown

approach to the electric guitar, which can easily be applied to

Any number of other products.

Dismal Ax uses a mix of locally harvested and salvaged materials.With a few exceptions,

All new wood comes from local timber whichI have sawn and dried.

This allows them to offer many species not commonly used in guitar making as alternatives

to the standard exotic woods that are becoming increasingly endangered,

As well as to make the most out of the timber they process.

Salvaged materials come from old barns, fences, and other structures, displaying

Weather-worn surfaces, original saw marks, and nail holes.

All these woods carefully incorporate knots, cracks, and other defects in a manner

that does not compromise the stability of the instrument,

but adds a great deal of visual interest.

The Barn Stormer

After World War I, and before aviation regulations,

many former military pilots bought surplus planes from the

government, and toured the countryside performing daring

aerial stunts. They were called “barnstormers,” and these

guitars are a tribute to them, as well as the planes they flew,

and the barns they stormed.

The Barnstormer series features bodies built from sections of

2×4 or 2×6 rafters, which can be hollowed out to reduce

weight, and are available in beech, oak, maple, poplar, tupelo,

and elm. Original saw marks are left showing, and lightly

sanded to accentuate them. All barnstormers can also be

custom ordered with plain, slab style or topped bodies.

The necks are either one piece, or laminated, with an inline

headstock, and attached to the body with a full width mortise

and tenon joint.

SC and DC models are 25″ scale, with 24 frets,

2 P90 pickups, and half-round control plate.

Barnstormer AC

Barnstormer AC~

Maple rafter body
Red maple neck
Persimmon fretboard

Hipshot contour tremolo
Hammered aluminum pick guard,
back cover plate and jack plate.


AC model is 25.5″ scale, with 22 frets, 3 single coil pickups,

or humbucker/single coil combination,

and full pick guard.

Bass is 34″ scale, with 21 frets, 1 or 2 single coil or split

pickups, and half-round control plate.


Let’s look at just one more before you head on overt to the Dismal Ax website.  I love the name of this one

This is the Rusticator DC

Standard features~
22 frets, 25″ scale
Solid body with barnwood or other top
Scarf jointed or laminated neck with angled headstock
2 Seymour Duncan or similar humbuckers

Notice the old drawer pull used as a tailpiece


Rusticator DC~ “the weight”

Weathered beech barnwood top
on butternut back
Red maple neck
Persimmon fretboard
Distressed finish on back

Custom features:
Control plate and trussrod cover made
from produce scale faceplate
Tailpiece made from cast iron drawer pull
Knobs made from wooden thread spools




To learn more about this interesting guitar line  just go to





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Source: Dismal Ax

Please take the time to check out their website at


“All Jacked Up” With Bolin Guitars

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  Superb Design Meets Master Luthier Craftsmanship

 For 25 years, John Bolin and his staff at Bolin Guitars have made some of the most remarkable guitars and basses in rock history for clients such as Steve Miller, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Timothy Schmitt, Albert King, and Lou Reed. When legendary instrument designer Ned Steinberger was looking for a luthier to build his latest designs for guitar and bass guitar, he turned to John. The result is the Bolin NS Guitar and Bass.

John is best known for the work he has done for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Billy and John have collaborated to create well over 100 guitars through the years. Their friendship has evolved to the point where they constantly challenge one another to create some of the wildest guitars the world has seen, as well as some of the finest tones ever heard.

   John Bolin has translated 25 years of experience into a new guitar design, the Bolin Classic. This remarkable guitar features a carved top and back with a hollow interior. Unlike the pressed woods used in so many other guitars with an arched top and back, this guitar is truly “carved” from solid woods. The pickups were custom designed and wound by Seymour Duncan just for this guitar. Fine details like the ebony pickguard, ebony tuners, and ebony knobs, as well as a flamed maple binding, are features normally found only on the handmade archtop guitars costing well over $10,000.
Superior Tone Delivers    Stunning Performance
 This guitar is not just beautiful. It has some of the finest tones found anywhere: clear and articulate with equal capability for warm jazz sound and cutting rock tones. It makes other hollow bodies sound muddy.
 The Bolin Classic truly lives up to its name. Now is your chance to own a guitar built by the luthier of the stars, and at a price that is half that of other guitars with similar features.
John Bolin & Steve Miller  Posing with the JBSM Guitar

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Source:  Bolin Guitars

From the Mighty Redwood Forests of California

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Compant Logo

Hello and welcome to this addition of “World’s Finest Guitars”

I have to admit sometimes it is difficult to find just the right instruments to present to you and that we feel can fall under the category of the “World’s Finest Guitars”. But this time, this particular guitar builders line of hand crafted guitars is a definite no brainier.

Micheletti Guitars was born out of the heart felt hunger of Rick Micheletti to become a full time guitar builder. In 1981 when Rick was repairing guitars for some friends. His lutherie dreams became so strong that he enrolled in Vermont Instrument Workshop in 1982 and studied with instructor George Morris for eight weeks. During his stay there, he hand-crafted two guitars of his own design and was even more resolute to become a professional luthier.

Rick’s dream became a reality when he and his wife Deana moved from Sebastopol California, where they set up a shop on their ranch, in the rural community of Willits, in Mendocino County.

Sinker Redwoods are enormous redwood logs that sank to the bottom of the rivers over a hundred years ago when the loggers would send their harvested redwood logs floating down river, to the great sawmills of the West.  Those logging companies loss became Michelett’s as well as other crafts-people of the areas gain, when many of the sinker redwood logs were reclaimed from the river bottoms, and recycled into finely crafted works of art
There are a wide variety of shades and striping in Sinker Redwood One thing they all have in common though is a stunning sound.
With a good balance from bass to mids to trebles. The sound of Sinker Redwood has been termed “complex” because of the richness of its overtones. Pluck a string in a quiet room and listen carefully. It is as if a choir shows up and is singing along. It has rich and strong overtones similar to Western Red Cedar and crisper, punchy treble frequencies reminiscent of spruce.

Here’s some photos from the Micheletti Guitar line.

the lower corner shows wood with stain.

Sinker Redwood Top

Source  © 2011   Micheletti Guitars

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Fine Handcrafting of Dana Bourgeois

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This time were going to checkout Dana Bourgeois’s Pantheon guitar line. Bourgeois is one of the world’s finest guitar builders and the creator of the world renowned Bourgeois guitar line.In October, 2000 when Dana Bourgeois, a well known master luthier, came together with set of new business investors, and formed Pantheon Guitars. up to that point, Dana and Bourgeois Guitars had, crafted over 1,000 of the World’s Finest Guitars, played by musicians around the world. Everyone at Pantheon Guitars is striving to be the best “small shop” acoustic guitar builder in the world, Dana, now, part of Pantheon Guitars, had the opportunity to focus on designing and building instruments of the highest quality and making Bourgeois guitars the best they can be world wide.
Pantheon has a broad line of Dana’s instruments. Ranging from the good ol’ faithful bluegrass Dreadnought style which incorporates the Country Boy, Country boy Deluxe, Standard D, Vintage D, DB Signature and the D150


Lost a bunch of copy  will update soon.

Here’s a list of just some of the  musicians who play Bourgeois guitars.

Keith Adair, Jay Boy Adams, David Bankston, Nate Barrett, Ron Block (Union Station), Ronnie Bowman, Sam Broussard (Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys), Stephen Bruton, Skip Cherryholmes (Cherryholmes), Ry Cooder, Marshall Crenshaw, Donal Clancy, Jeff Dayton, Danick Dupelle (Emerson Drive), Steve Earle, Scott Fore (National Flatpicking Champion), Carter Gravatt (Carbon Leaf), Henry Kaiser, Brad Keller (Creaking Tree String Quartet), Cody Kilby (Kentucky Thunder), Bill Kirchen, James Leva, Scott Nygaard, Lee Roy Parnell, James Pennebaker, Keith Sewell (Dixie Chicks), Martin Simpson, Ricky Skaggs, Jake Stargel, Bryan Sutton, Dan Tyminski ( Union Station), Andy York (John Mellencamp), Sarah & Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Doc Watson, Chris Thile (Nickel Creek), Harvey Reid, Joyce Anderson, Rhonda Vincent, Ben Helson, Jamie Dailey, Darren Vincent, Ray LaMontagne , Todd Lombardo, Barry Waldrep and Jason Kanakis.

I have to admit that I’m partial to Dana’s guitars I have wanted one of these beauties for what seems forever and still don’t have one in my personal collection. But one will be mine someday “Oh Yes, It Will Be Mine !”


A very special thank you to  Bourgeois Guitars  Please take some time to visit and ogle all the wonderful instruments

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Were looking forward to our new website  coming in the near future

2010 in review

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We at WFGs want to thank you all for viewing our blog in 2010. It is our goal to make 2011 even more informative.  So please bookmark this page and  check back often.

Happy 2011

Maison C. Clarke II

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