Martin Guitars

No discussion about the worlds finest guitars would be complete with out mentioning  Martin Guitars . Thou in my humble opinion, Martins were more lusted over, back in the 1960s and even earlier, way back to when they were established in 1833.   Back a few decades ago, If you could score any Martin it would generate  an audible “ooohhhh” from any audience in the folk genre .  Now that were in the 21st century, Martin certainly is still high in the top ten of name brand guitars and now they are even making guitars for folks that may not be able to afford the higher quality instruments that bear the proud name “Martin ” such as the D-28 Marquis just to name one with a modest list price of  $5299.00.   

You can easily purchase a Martin Guitar with in a  price range from $309.00 for the Backpacker. all the way up to a hefty list price of $109,999.00 for the D-100 Deluxe . Which one could say is either the most beautiful guitar, or the gaudiest guitar in the world.

To check out the full line of Martin Guitars just go to
If you  would like to post any comments about your Martin we would love to hear from you.


D-28 Marquis


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