Applegate Guitars

Applegate Guitars. Hand crafted by Brian Applegate Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship Brian was mentored by Jim Olson a world class luthiers. We should review Jim Olson’s phenomenal work first however, we will visit him on a later entry. If you would like to get a head, start just go to and you can drool over his work .
Applegate guitars was established in 2001. We first became aware of Brian’s fine work last year while visiting the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in Santa Rosa California ( This years Fest starts August 14, So Rush ! get it ? August Rush ! )

Anyway room prohibits us from showing all of Brian’s great work so we’ll look at his Jumbo and you can go to his website to hear and see more

The Jumbo base priced at $5000.00 is well-matched for those players who love flat-picking, but want the flexibility to showcase their finger style technique as well. The larger body size imparts a big, impressive sound, while the scalloped X bracing maintains beautiful tonal balance with surprising clarity and articulation. This guitar is powerful and expansive with outstanding range and playability.

Applegate Sapele-and-Abalone-rosette

Body length 20.625
Scale length 25.34375
Upper Bout 11.75
Lower Bout 16.625
Waist 9.75
Nut width 1.75
Depth at Head Block 4.0
Depth at tail Block 4.75
String spacing 2.25

Source : Applegate Guitars

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