Cornerstone Guitars

We absolutely love to feature hand crafted instruments that are a bit lesser known but are crafted with love and anointing . So for your viewing pleasure and awe . Consider the Cornerstone Guitar line by Luthier: Peter Marreiros.

  Please take the time to go to their website at  and check out these absolutely wonderful Instruments.

Cornerstone 1

transparent Logo Cornerstone Guitars

Specs: Master Grade Koa Back and Sides

Koa/Port Orford Cedar Double Top

Madagascar Rosewood Bindings
Ryan Inspired Madagascar Bevel

Madagascar Rosewood Accents
Madagascar Rosewood Fretboard
Pinless Madagascar Bridge
7 Piece Laminated Neck
Gotoh 21:1 Tuners
transparent Logo Cornerstone Guitars

 Peter Marreiros “I strive to build great sounding guitars…”

“Tailored to meet each player’s needs that are pleasing both visually and tonally. Only solid woods of top quality and the finest appointments are used in the making of every Cornerstone guitar.

It is with of passion, love and prayer that a Cornerstone Guitar is created. It is with great satisfaction that every one of my guitars is handcrafted in the comfort of my home where Jesus is Lord and every instrument is a labor of love and dedication.

I am very pleased to see a piece of lumber turn into a beautiful instrument through the work of my hands and this gift the Lord gave me”.

Peter Marreiros

Luthier, Cornerstone Guitars


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