Froggy Bottom D Model

D Froggy Bottom _player

Froggy Bottom Guitars name comes from owner Michael Millard’s
love of blues. Froggy Bottom is a Blues reference particularly meaningful to Michael and his lifelong love of the Blues. In the early part of the 20th century in the Mississippi Delta former slaves-turned sharecroppers (the originators of the Blues and juke joints) called their farmland “de froggy bottom” because it would flood and attract mating amphibians.

The Froggy Bottom line are totally hand crafted. Over the years the company has become a full partnership between Michael Millard, and Andy Mueller. With the assistance of three part time employees. In total, the five people are involved in the building process and produce roughly one hundred instruments each year. They still build many commissioned guitars on a direct order basis, and have a small network of the best dealers in the country. They strive to respond to a player’s functional needs and desires and to build guitars that fill those needs and expand the customer’s imagination about what’s possible in a guitar.

Source Froggy Bottom Guitars

Today were going to take a look at the  D Model Guitar.

  D_Froggy Bottom 

The Model D is based on the ever-popular dreadnought body. Just like its namesake (H.M.S. Dreadnought; the biggest, baddest ship in the British fleet) the traditional dreadnought guitar is both powerful and bass heavy. The Froggy Bottom Model D retains the power of the original design while adding clarity to the bottom end, and a good dose of tonal complexity across the fingerboard.















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