Ergo Guitars by luthier Charles Fox



The ergo is a high-performance luxury guitar from the workshop of master luthier Charles Fox. With its wedge-shaped body, elevated finger board and patented ultra-low-mass sound board, the ergo wraps a number of significant trends in contemporary guitar-making into one emphatic statement of the current state of the art. Besides sounding and playing like nothing else in the world, the ergo is a compelling design object, an inspiring muse, a player’s dream, a collector’s prize, a serious investment and a high-end walk on the wild side. For more on what the ergo is, please explore the ergo website. Contact us directly with any questions and for information on becoming an ergo owner.

Prices begin at $15,000



With a fine guitar in the hands of an inspired player, the human soul can be expressed in ways that can move us deeply and might change us forever. There are many components to the voice of a guitar that can sing so directly to our hearts:

• Rich harmonic content
• Focused projection
• Wide array of tone colors
• Clear separation between notes

• Even balance between strings
• Broad dynamic range
• Immediate response
• Generous controlled sustain

The ergo has all these qualities and more. They are what justify the effort and expense of building guitars one at a time by hand; they confer on a guitar its true value as a meaningful musical instrument.


A guitar’s workmanship is apparent in both the cleanness of the work and the soundness of its construction. Charles Fox considers every construction and design detail in terms of its potential acoustical, structural, functional and aesthetic contribution to the finest possible musical instrument.

The ergo reflects a taste for simple elegance based on the natural beauty and vitality of the materials themselves, and on an absence of superfluous detail and ornament. Using traditional bench skills and state-of-the-art tools and techniques, Charles works to express the essential spirit of the guitar through honest workmanship and functional contemporary design.

Source Charlie Fox Guitars & Ergo Guitars

To learn more, and to hear these fine guitars in action.  please visit  and


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