Kathy Wingert’s Klimt Model E

Today At World’s Finest Guitars, let’s take a look at Kathy’s Wingert’s craftmanship

 Here’s one  of Kathy’s current inventory of guitars:  The

Klimt Model E

Wingert Rossette

A Wingert guitar trimmed with simple purfling and binding is absolutely beautiful, but sometimes a client may want a beautiful guitar to express more,perhaps a life-long dream. Kathy has worked with several fine inlay artists, but is most proud to work with one of her favorite people, her talented daughter, Jimmi Wingert     




Incredible Work ! 


 The Klimt Model E  Includes a 2009 Amazing German bearclaw spruce top African blackwood back and sides Cutaway Cocobolo binding with black and white top purfling Cocobolo bevel Klimt inspired inlay Calton Case Nut: 1 25/32″ String Spacing: 2 1/4″ Gold/Ebonoid Gotoh 510s

Kathy Shares about this piece “I kept looking at the sapwood on this piece of African blackwood and it kept nagging at me. It haunted me for many months. It’s not really a special sapwood strip, I was just in that state of mind when I first picked it out, in the wee small hours when my muse shows up, so I patiently set it aside. One day as Jimmi and I were browsing through her library, I saw what had been haunting me, and the plan was born. Jimmi artfully captured what I wanted, the rich textile qualities of Klimt’s designs, and she worked various elements into the back and the rosette. I opted for cocobolo to set off the African blackwood. I love the rich reds and oranges that make the whole design feel so warm. “

Model E Wingert Full

Price: $18,500Wingert Modele E back Full


















Kathy’s Instruments are  indeed pricey, but worth every dollar.  I for one am saving up my bucks to add one to my collection. We would love it if you would take some time to check out  Kathy’s Site at www.kathywingertguitars.com


Source : Kathy Wingert Guitars


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