Ken Franklin, Firecat.

This Ken Franklin Guitar is “Firecat”. She is made of Tiger Myrtle from Australia. With a unique figure not often found. In addition there is a luminous chatoyance to this wood that gives it another dimension.

Ken Franklin Fire Cat
Firecat was completed during this summer’s fires which ravaged Mendocino County.
It was first shown at the Montreal Guitar Festival in June 2009. It’s tone is rich ,mellow and responsive. The continuous compound curve of the cutaway makes a smooth transition from the heel to the body.

Franklin Firecat back



Firecat Rossette
The custom side grain rosette is made of Ebony, Birch, Tiger Myrtle, Maple and Goncalo Alves.
The tuners are Gotoh 510 minis with an 18:1 ratio.
The finger board is Gaboon Ebony and the bridge is Macassar Ebony, with staggered rosewood bridge pins with boxwood dots . The nut and saddle are unbleached bone.

The top is a fine Red Spruce from Maine. The X braces are tapered and gently scalloped to produce a warm balanced tone which is even throughout the fret board .

We at “World’s Minest Guitars” find that Firecat is a true beauty, as is all of the Ken Franklin line . Please take a few moments and visit    marvel at all of these fine guitars . The workmanship will stop you in your tracks and cause you to think about selling the house just to get your hands on your very own.  But don’t fear, the base price is a mere $5995.00  Not bad ! Enjoy


Source: Ken Franklin Guitars


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