Baranik Black and Blue CX

Baranik black-and-blue

We at World’s Finest Guitars  would love you to check out this awesome guitar hand crafted by Mike Baranik.

This beautiful CX was made for exhibit at the 2008 Montreal Guitar Festival. It was very well received and to many was considered a show favorite among the hundreds of guitars exhibited. 

Builder Mike Baranik wanted to make a guitar that would stop people in their tracks at the show and captivate them with the sound when played. Once the main tonewoods were chosen, a theme appeared which Mike decided to develop. Rare quartersawn African Blackwood was chosen for its beauty and tone and as it works best when paired with a lightweight soundboard, Mike decided on an ultra rare Colorado Blue Spruce top.

Several years ago master luthier Taku Sakasta gave Mike a flat top set of this Blue Spruce as a gift. He told him it made incredible archtops as it is superlight in weight but incredibly stiff and had the most stunning color when finished. he used it on the very first CX ever made and paired it with old growth Brazilian Rosewood, the sound was incredible! It could handle any playing style with ease. This Blue Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood CX eventually became Warren Barfield’s main recording and stage guitar. Mike was very pleased with the Blue Spruce and contacted Taku to find out where to get more, only to find out that Blue Spruce isn’t usually harvested for guitar tonewoods and the one known supplier had stopped milling it. He was lucky enough to get about ten very nice sets over the last few years and he used one of these sets on this guitar.

Baranik Black and Blue cut away

To make the guitar even more special Mike used a binding stock that I have very little left of, curly spalted sapwood Koa. The purfling is Blue/Koa/Blue which adds just the right amount of color around the body, rosette and headstock. For the rosette and accents he used another really unique wood, Black Palm, which has a beautiful striping that runs thru it and on its end grain shows a unique animal print like appearance. For the nut and saddle he decided on fossilized walus ivory, this particular tusk had developed the most interesting Blue colors. A perfect fit to the “Black and Blue” guitar!

CX 08-136 “Black and Blue”
QS African Blackwood with sap back (two piece) and sides
Master grade Colorado Blue Spruce soundboard
Curly spalted sapwood Koa bindings on body and headstock
Blue/Koa/Blue purflings on body, rosette and headstock
Black Palm rosette with Black pearl ring
Black Palm wood accents
Blue fossilized walrus ivory nut and saddle
Black Cosmo Gotoh 510 tuners with custom sap Blackwood tuner buttons
Gold Evo fretwire
1 25/32″ nut
2 1/4″ string spacing
25.6″ scale length


Source :  Baranik Guitars

Please take a few and visit Mike, and check out his entire line of fine guitars  modestly priced  starting at $6500.00



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