Hermann Hauser III Segovia Model.

 Hauser Rosette
Today, Worlds Finest Guitars would like to feature the Classical & Flamenco guitar wonders of the Hermann Hauser III guitar line. No fine guitar review would be complete with out taking a look back at the roots of guitar making . Today’s post is about the Luthier genius of Hermann Hauser III from the guitar building legacy of Joseph Hauser. dating back to 1875
The Company came into their own when son Hermann Hauser I. took over the reins. Hermann Hauser I.  specialized in building lutes and guitars, but also abode by making zithers. In the range of the Guitarist Movement in Bavaria, Hermann Hauser I. built a variety of different guitars, especially the Vienna models and the Munich models in all kinds of forms, but all in absolute perfection. The guitars of Hermann Hauser I are of superior quality. The sound of these instruments is unrivaled even today.

Hermann Hauser III started making guitars in 1974. At the age of 15, he became apprenticed to a local stringed instrument maker and after winning the highest national awards for apprentices he attended a school for instrument building in Germany.

hauser head

In 1978 Hermann began to work in his father’s company. “I had to start all over again with instrument building”. “The most important influence on my work and my career was my father’s teaching”.

Hermann spent several years finding the right balance between the traditional Hauser and his own ideas. Hermann’s methods have tended to follow the traditions of his grandfather and father from whom he has inherited a considerable quantity of wood.

hauser hands on

Hermann only builds around 12 to 15 guitars per year and feels that it is the ability of a guitar to project that makes them great.    hauser back


Alpine old Spruce
Brazilian Cedar.
Back and Sides.
Rio Rosewood.
Scale Length.
French Polish front
Nitro back and sides.


Source: Copy and Photos Stafford Guitars

Hermann Hauser 1 copy source : http://www.hauserguitars.com


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