Borges OM-45 Brazilian

We at World’s Finest Guitars was searching for today’s entry and we came across this beauty. The Borges OM-45 Brazilian Jumped out at us and we just had to share it with you. We want to thank the various vendors that don’t mind that we share their content with you all. Thanks again.


Borges OM-45 Brazilian  Rosette

Julius Borges is a Luthier from the old school of guitar building, steeped in a hundred years of guitar tradition. He cut his teeth building reproduction antique furniture where he developed an eye and feel for old world wood working. From there, he began building steel-string guitars in the early 90’s and soon teamed up with Eric Schoenberg to work on his highly-esteemed line of guitars. What has separated Julius from the ranks is his innate understanding of what makes early Martin guitars “tick.” He has inspected dozens of pre-War models, painstakingly recorded every detail, and has faithfully incorporated them into his own line of OM’s. His work has gained the attention of not only Martin collectors but big name players as well, such as Buddy Miller and Emmylou Harris, both of whom play his guitars.

Borges OM-45 Brazilian  Full

Borges OM-45 Brazilian  Full BackThis is a very rare OM-45 built by Julius for the inaugural Newport Guitar Festival in 2004. It is, in fact, the only OM-45 built for the US market. A few others were built expressly for Blue G Guitars in Japan. The workmanship is excellent and follows much of the building practices of early 30’s Martins, including using hot hide glue instead modern glues. (Julius was well ahead of this trend most recently popularized by the Martin Authentic series of guitars.) The Brazilian is also reminiscent of early Martins, very straight-grained. The piece was actually flitched, meaning it was split off the log rather than sawn, which is the more accurate way of achieving quarter sawn wood. Everything about this guitar reflects the honored traditions of expert guitar building from days gone by. A real show stopper.

Only $22,000.00

Source : Content & Photos The Music Emporium


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