James A. Olson Guitars


Today’s Worlds Finest Guitars feature is not just one guitar but a complete line of handcrafted guitars beginning in 1977.By the one and only James A. Olson.


Where would the guitar styling of James Taylor, Phil Keggey, Sting, Graham Nash, David Crosby just to name a small hand full of world renown artists be with out the wondrous awesome tone of a James A. Olson guitar .

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James Olson horizontal 


A Bit of History
James A. Olson has been handcrafting acoustic flattop guitars since 1977. His instruments began getting national attention in the mid 1980s, after Phil Keaggy commissioned the first cedar-topped Olson SJ guitar and began playing Olson guitars almost exclusively on his acoustic albums and in concert. In 1989, James Taylor purchased three of Jim’s guitars; through Taylor’s visibility, Olson guitars became known and prized by a wide variety of players around the world. Today an impressive number of well-known players in styles spanning fingerstyle to bluegrass to country to pop are proud Olson owners, including Leo Kottke, David Wilcox, James Taylor, Graham Nash, Sting, and many others. But most of the 40+ or so guitars Jim is able to build each year go to players of less renown (like those of us who contributed to this site, and perhaps like you), although of perhaps equally discriminating taste!
Luthier and Toolmaker
Jim is probably more proud of his highly customized tooling than he is of his finely crafted guitars! Accordingly, a special feature of this site is Inside Jim’s Shop. Over time we will place over a hundred photos of Jim’s guitar-making process here, including many photos of the dozens of jigs and tools Jim has designed and manufactured to help him make the best possible instruments. Whether you’re a luthier yourself or instead find yourself among those who have trouble not hitting their thumbs when they use a hammer, we suspect you’ll find Jim’s work fascinating.


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