The Alienzo built by Everett Guitars

One of two Peg heads available for the Alienzo Alienzo

One of two Peg heads available for the Alienzo

Hello all, Today’s offering from World’s Finest Guitars is from the impeccably hand crafted line of Everett Guitars. Perhaps not many of our readers are really familiar with the Everett line, but as you may have noticed from past previews and posts that we lean towards incredible workmanship that stand out from the usual stead of stock instruments .
So that brings us to the Everett Alienzo
                           “Built by hand, untouched by compromise”

Everett Front 

Kent “Carlos” Everett began his love of building guitars in 1977, and has had a guitar in the works ever since.
He is primarily self-taught.. Kent shares “I have learned a lot from many different people. Does that mean I am self-taught? The two people who have influenced me the most are: Devon Bogue for teaching me the meaning of craftsmanship; and Wade Lowe for teaching me that it is OK to be passionate about your work.”
he builds only 10 guitars annually. As you can see when you examine the Everett line, you each individual instrument is a work of art.

everett rose-1sm

Moderatly Priced at $10,750

Everett bevelHere is just a few of the artists that have Everett instruments.

Brad Paisley
Amy Ray (Indigo Girls)
Don Conoscenti
Bebo Norman
Kristian Bush (Billy Pilgrim, Sugarland)
Matthew Kahler
Shawn Mullins
Pat Buchanan (Nashville guitar studio ace)
David Wilcox
John Beltzer (Songs of Love)
Rich Williams (Kansas)
Frank Rogers (Nashville)
Hank Berumen
Jason Kostal
Keith Gehle

..and so many more

Please take a few and go to    and check out the Everett line of hand crafted Instruments.

everett neck-bk-2-sm-o


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