Ervin Somogyi’s “The Responsive Guitar”



Todays article from the “Worlds Finest Guitars”  is not about any paticular guitar, but rather a guitar maker. Take some time to get to know Ervin Somogyi Master luthier.

Ervin Somogyi is a professional luthier and wood worker of forty years’ standing, whose work is known and respected internationally. His guitars are increasingly recognized as the best recording instruments available and are sought by professional acoustic guitarists who wish to make and preserve the highest quality of recorded and performed sound.


Mr. Somogyi has made guitars for Will Ackerman, Bola Sete, Alex de Grassi, Michael Hedges, George Winston, John Denver, Mark O’Connor, Mike Marshall, Pat Donohue, Ed Gerhard, Martin Simpson, the California Guitar Trio, and others.

Andamento back detail

Ervin Somogyi’s guitars have received a number of honors over the years. He was named in the Best Luthier category for 4 years in Frets Magazine’s national poll; has had a guitar judged as “best sounding” in listening tests conducted at Boston University at a Guild of American Luthiers’ national convention; has had a guitar awarded first prize at the National Fingerpicking championships; has had an instrument displayed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.; and has had his guitars played in Carnegie Hall and the White House. Mr. Somogyi’s artwork is inspired directly by his four decades of lutherie work.


Sit back and take about 10 minutes and check out this short film.

“The Responsive Guitar”

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