Tree Huggers Unite

Where has all the guitar wood gone ?

As WFG’s followers, you know that we love finely built guitars, Did you know that roughly 99% of all guitars are built with wood? Have you ever wondered where all that fine wood comes from? Judging from the way the world’s resources are rapidly being gobbled up . We have to ask ourselves, how long can our resources last? Not only for the worlds finest guitars and other instruments . But for the housing market , fine furniture, fuel to heat homes, Plus the thousands of other products the world creates from the worlds forests, (our forests).
This weeks feature is not going to be about any particular fine guitar, but rather about what guitar builders are doing to help preserve this precious resource.

Photo credit M.C. Clarke II

One such organization that has a incredible concern for our forest lands is “Greenpeace”

We strongly urge you to check out this website and learn more about this precious resource.

“When you hug your guitar, you are hugging a tree.”  Maison C. Clarke II

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