Lone Wolf Guitars

While reviewing guitar sites for this weeks offering we found another hand crafted beauty for you. So for your perusal check out Lone Wolf Guitars.

Lone Wolf Dreadnought Rosette


Each Lone Wolf Guitar is meticulously handcrafted personally by Mark Gilbert from start to finish. By building only a small number of guitars per year (approximately 12), Mark is able to personally execute all aspects of the creation of a guitar including the custom design, personal selection of the finest materials, precise construction, meticulous finishing, and player customized setup. No aspects of the guitar are outsourced to others. Further, Mark crafts all components, including the bridge, fingerboard, truss rod, nut, saddle, pick guard, braces, etc., rather than purchasing prefabricated components. The only prefabricated components used are the tuners, fret wire and strings. By handling all facets of the guitar’s creation, Mark can precisely control the ultimate personality, playability, tone, projection, clarity, balance, sustain, and aesthetic beauty of the instrument.

One option offered by Lone Wolf Guitars, is the ability for a player to have a custom guitar built to his/her specifications. Nearly all aspects of the guitar can be customized to a player’s requirements including the guitar size/shape, woods, neck size/shape, headstock design, decorative inlay, bridge design, scale length, tuners, fret wire, etc. For custom guitars, Mark works closely with the player to assist in making selections to ensure the guitar exceeds their expectations. Again, this level of personalized attention is possible since Mark limits the number of guitars he builds each year.


 Pease visit www.lonewolfguitars.com

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