Avalon Guitars

Hello all and Happy Holidays It’s definitely a great time of year, when we can all come together to celebrate life no matter what our personal faith. To all my Christian brothers & sisters Merry Christmas and to all my Jewish friends and family Happy Hanukkah. and wishing everyone everywhere a wonderful holiday season.

Today Worlds Fines Guitars would like to travel to the United Kingdom for a wonderful offering of guitar for you all to feast on . Located in Northern Ireland. near Belfast You can find the small shop and home of Avalon Guitars

Though Avalon Guitars are not the most pricy instruments in the world, priced roughly around £2000 give or take a few hundred pounds (£). Moderate pricing can not possibly take away from the fine workmanship of the hands of their highly skilled Luthiers .

Avalon is the leading maker of premium custom guitars in the UK & Ireland blending innovation in design with the finest materials and uncompromising traditional craftsmanship. Avalon exists to make guitars that are technically perfect and inspiring to play.
It’s what they are renowned for – a passion for quality and workmanship, hand-crafting the finest of materials to in grain every guitar they build with an inspiring voice.

Please take some time to admire these fine instruments

Source: www.avalonguitars.com

Worlds Finest Guitars is brought to you bywww.mciiproductions.com


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