The Kevin Ryan Line

  On this wonderful Holiday week were going to take a long look at Kevin Ryan’s incredible mastery.  Kevin is a guitar builder that was obviously born to build some of the finest instruments this planet has ever seen or will ever see. I spent hours on his site literally drooling at the what seemed like endless options one could have incorporated into their build. I have to be honest I get to see tons of guitars and I really want every guitar I see, but Ryan’s guitars are at top of the list. His instruments go way beyond just pretty, they are stunning .  The wood is jaw dropping, the patterns in the grains are out of this world.  

Kevin Ryan says “The Signature Series represents my ultimate model. The centerpiece of this model is Signature-grade Brazilian rosewood. This Brazilian is from a stash of wood sets that have been collected over many years. These sets are extremely rare and represent the finest color, figure and grain. Because tonewood sets of this quality are the rarest and the finest, it is in extreme demand and available only in infinitesimally small amounts.” 


The Abbey Grand Parlor, The Mission Grand Concert, The Nightingale Grand Soloist, The Cathedral Grand Finger Style and of course the Kevin Ryan Signature are the five models to choose from however you can add any amount of special touches such as your choice of top, side & back woods, inlays, bevel flutes etc. really the list is huge. 

Here’s What Kevin said about the above innovation.
 “I am as happy as can be to introduce another acoustic innovation to my instruments. I am calling this new feature “Acoustic Flutes” or “Ryan Bevel Flutes”. The last few years I have made some significant acoustic advances (EO soundboard bracing for example). But I consider these flutes the most important acoustic breakthrough I have developed since I invented and introduced the Ryan Bevel.” 
 You owe it to yourself to take some time and check out Kevin’s great guitars at
Source Kevin Ryan Guitars 
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Have a very Merry Christmas and wishing you all a prosperous 2010

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2 Responses to “The Kevin Ryan Line”

  1. These look nice but where are the electric guitars?

    • Hey Johnny Guitar,
      You are right we havent talked about the great hand crafted electrics out there. We will post some right after the first of the year, so keep checking back.

      Thanks for your comment


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