Out With The Old, In With The New?


For our first post of 2010 lets take a look at a rare oldie, that we just happen to have in our personal collection and a re-working of that Guitar into an updated marvel.

Were talking about the Gibson Trini Lopez 1966 standard, and the new version, Gibson DG-335 designed for Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl. Dave was a fan of the Trini Lopez and used a couple of them for touring and studio work. Gibson saw this as a great opportunity to breath new life into an older signature model that was not as well known as others, and re-invent it with the name recognition of one of today’s premiere guitarists from the band Foo Fighters

A longtime Gibson enthusiast, Grohl worked closely with the luthiers of the Gibson Custom Shop to create the DG-335. The DG-335 combines the style and versatility of the Trini Lopez (built by Gibson from 1964 to 1971)

The original Trini Lopez model was a strikingly similar take on Gibson’s ES-335 semi-hollow body guitar, and today’s DG-335 is a further fine-tuning of the legendary ES-335

True to Grohl’s specifications, the DG-335 has the classic Burstbuckers and  rare Pelham Blue finish. ES-335 firebird style  headstock with six-on-a-side tuners set into an ES-335, but actually closer to the original Trini Lopez style semi-hollow body. Available in either Pelham Blue or Ebony, the guitar has diamond f-holes, and the inlays on the rosewood fretboard are acrylic split diamond, a unique feature that remains from the original Trini Lopez. At Grohl’s request, the DG-335 is powered by a Burstbucker 1 in the neck and Burstbucker 2 in the bridge. Within the original Patent Applied For humbucking spec, these pickups are known for their clean and articulate distortion and singing vintage tone.

So we hope you enjoy these older and newer beauties from the Gibson line. Although WFGs normally presents hand made works of art, I just had to start off this year with one of the Gibson’s we have in our own collection. In our next posts, you can look forward to some truly marvelous hand crafted acoustics and electrics. See you then.

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Source  www.Gibson.com
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