A Touch Of The Master’s Handcrafted


Today at World’s Finest Guitars, let’s take a look at the electric /acoustic guitar line created by David Myka Custom Guitars. 

David proves that electric guitars are much more than a block of wood that has been cut out to a mass-produced shape and marketed by the thousands .


Each creation by Myka guitars have been meticulously custom crafted by hand. With the absolute best tone woods, and internally chambered to create that perfect sound for his clients. 



 To be honest It was hard to pick which instrument to present to you all. Every one of his creations are stunning. so I decided to show a few of his wonders.  

Blue DragonflyBlue Dragonfly


Blue Dragonfly back


Madagascar Special - Rosewood Hollowbody Archtop


Madagascar Hollowbody Back



I really was intrigued by the Custom Dragonfly , because of the unique positioning of the pickup controls They are neatly tucked away on the edge, near the top of the but of the guitar.  



Though I would imagine that it would be tough to make quick tonal changes on stage, you have to give him kudos for the effort. Sweet idea that I would love to try.  

I hope you will take some time to check out Myka Guitars website . There are tons of photos and information  for you to enjoy. 

Source: www.mykaguitars.com  


WFGs Brought to you by www.mciiproductions.com  


Worlds Finest Guitars reviews and presents outstanding instruments This site is for entertainment and educational purposes only. WFG has not received any financial compensation for the presentation of instruments on this site.







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