Prehistoric Guitars ?

Today we want to  take a good look at an almost Prehistoric guitar. Well, not really the guitar itself , but the Ancient woods that are used to build thees unique offerings.  50,000 years is prehistoric ,and incredible to imagine that the components used to craft these instruments are  from those ancient times, just boggles the mind. Were talking about Laurie Williams line of individually hand crafted guitars .

Mr. Laurie Williams  lives in the Paraoanui Valley in the Far North of New Zealand’s North Island surrounded by native bush and farmland. It is well off the beaten track and to get here requires a rugged drive on rough gravel roads. Nice! I could dig it, hermit that I am.

Williams  has been building professionally since 1992 in a very small workshop at home and all his instruments are all made there from start to finish, there is no off the shelf philosophy here. It is a hands on style of building that takes him out to the forest in search of timber, felling trees, milling wood, drying it and so on all the way through to re-sawing back/side sets, sound boards, bracing, etc. It takes the idea of personally selecting tone woods to a completely different level.Laurie Williams also cuts his own solid wood purfling and binding stock as well as design and cut all shell inlays, including every logo inlayed into the headstock. Great workmanship!

Ancient Kauri Back

Heres what we alluded to in the beginning of this post.

To make an already fine built instrument even more intriguing . Here’s the interesting backstory, that has me personally sitting up and taking notice.   Laurie Williams has been able to access ancient Kaurle woods that have been unearthed and  carbon dated  anywhere from 30,000 to 50,00 years old. Just holding  a guitar built with 1,000 year old wood would be amazing  let alone, wood unearthed and dating back 30,000 to 50,000 years ago. Incredible!

Here’s some background information on Ancient Kaurie Wood.

There are differing theories regarding what caused these events but the likeliest was some form of natural disaster, possibly even the global flood of Noah’s time. Whatever the cause, these trees have been sealed from the air for thousands of years and have been perfectly preserved. In fact, so well have they been preserved that when logs are extracted from the swamps today it is still possible to find the leaves of these mighty trees in good condition, albeit discolored somewhat.

The timber is then dried and finally milled for use primarily in the furniture industry. Laurie selects all the timber personally to ensure the best quality and suitability for his instruments. He is often asked if he stains the timber to get that rich gold brown color and the answer is no. It is completely natural!

The Ancient Kauri used for the back and sides of Laurie’s instruments is offered in 3 main grades: First, Flame, and Whitebait.

The volume of timber still under the ground in the north of New Zealand is not known for certain but the men who salvage it are not finding it as readily as previous years. It is thought that perhaps in another few years most of it will be recovered.

The very nature of this wood makes it non-renewable, so when it is gone it will be gone forever. Thank God that this gem of the wold’s past was discovered and not allowed to rot into oblivion.

A very special thanks and photo credit goes out to . Please go their website to learn more about the Laurie Williams Guitar line  or to purchase one of the many  Worlds Finest instruments they carry.

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