Newport Guitar Festival

Hi all, Today were going to get you all fired up to attend the Newport Guitar Festival  held at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida On April 16 – 18, 2010.

You won’t regret this road trip, there are hundreds of guitars to drool over and to try out. You can get up close and personal with all the builders and reps  You can purchase any or all of the on premises stock as well as sell one of your vintage prize beauties to one of the thousands of collectors attending the festival. . If you only plan on attending one festival this year  We suggest you make it to Newport .  Click this link to check out the performers at this years festival.

The Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, in short, is Guitar Central.  In future years they are even adding another hotel in the shape of a guitar with a thousand more rooms.  The campus has free parking for thousands upon thousands of visitors and exhibitors, and it is minutes away from modern, clean hotels with which we have negotiating special rates for our out of town visitors.

The Hard Rock is only ten minutes from the Fort Lauderdale Airport, so this venue is convenient for exhibitors, out-of-town guests, and is right in between Miami and the Palm Beaches, where we draw from a population of six million, made up of some of the nation’s most affluent guitar enthusiasts and collectors.

We will have the Modern Masters that are the mainstay of our show, along with vintage collections  and enough room to divide acoustic and electric instruments, as well as high end amplifiers and accessories which the public expects to see at a show like this.

So load up the truck and family and head out on the highway to the Newport Guitar Festival  it will be a memorable trip for all.  See you there.

Source :Newport Guitar Festival

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