Blueberry Guitars

Hi everyone and welcome back to the World’s Finest Guitars. If you’re a regular reader your aware that we have been on a semi hiatus for about six months. We’ve tried to update posts however we have been expanding our recording business and that adventure has kept us quite busy. but the good news is that the World’s Finest Guitars is also growing as well and we will be entering some new and exciting territory that will become apparent in the next entries. So this is not just a blind tease, World’s Finest Guitars will be premiering our new website in the very near future. We will no longer just be a blog about guitars but we will feature some opportunities for everyone to get more involved in the love of hand crafted instruments.

Blueberry Dreadnought Guitar

But enough with this news blurb lets get into a new post this time were going to look at a guitar line that we have been intrigued by for quite some time the guitar line is from Blueberry Guitars . There’s no doubt that Blueberry guitars has decided to be very proactive in hand crafted instruments.

If your familiar with the line, you know that the hand carving on the exterior of Blueberry Guitars is exceptional.

“Blueberry guitars is the inspiration of Montreal businessman and musician Danny Fonfeder who conceived the idea to marry outstanding craftsmanship to extraordinary art. American luthier and educator, George Morris, and Balinese woodcarver, Wayan Tuges, bring together two great craft traditions, combining the best of Western technology and expertise, with the best woodcarvers in the world.

Each guitar is handmade and unique in detail and materials. Each is a work of art worthy of the finest musicians. A special group of craftsmen add their exceptional skills to every guitar before it is tested and judged ready to be called a Blueberry Instrument. Blueberry Guitars embody a marriage of East and West. They celebrate the joining of mind and spirit, functionality and artful reverence. Each instrument will be a great musical inspiration and serve as a constant reminder of what artists can achieve. No two are alike. All meet the exacting standards demanded by great musicianship and art connoisseurs.

The unique fingerprint of the artist that appears on each guitar, half on and half off the label will become synonymous with our instruments. We trust that you will hear the difference with the very first note played and experience for yourself the new possibilities that await your talent.”

Source: Blueberry Guitars

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is just right for the flat-picking singer/songwriter, or bluegrass musician. Powerful, with a sonorous, crisp bass and clear, ringing trebles, it matches the intensity of the banjo and fiddle player, and its dynamic range perfectly complements vocal accompaniment. Most large, deep guitars tend to muddy the sound, at the expense of clear bass notes, and a clear definition overall. We think you will find that this is not the case with the Blueberry dreadnought. Notes are powerful but clear, with crispness throughout the tonal range, and balance across the board.Lets take a look at one of Blueberry’s larger models .The Dreadnought Scale length: 25 1/2″ 648mm
# of frets: 20
Width lower bout: 15 3/4″ 40cm
Upper bout: 11 3/4″ 29.8cm
Body length: 20″ 50.8cm
Body depth at heel: 4 1/2″ 11.5cm
At butt: 5″ 12.7cm
Total length: 42″ 106.7cm
Nut width: 1 3/4″ – 44.5 mm
String-spread at saddle: 2 1/4″ 56mm



2 Responses to “Blueberry Guitars”

  1. alan mcdonald Says:

    have just fallen head over heels in love with my new guitar a blueberry with the most sensual sound i have ever heard from a guitar in my 51years.its like making passionate love to the woman of your dreams every time you pick it up.the dragon carving on the front the inlayed dargon running the full length of the neck to the dragons head on the headstock make it for me the most amqqazingih looking guitar i have ever owned. i have a problem with my left hand appart from the skin my hand is made of steel and other implants., also my rimg finger is missing due to serving onboard h.m.s. aheffield during the falklands war,but with the action and small neck of.the blueberry my.musical life has been reignited soul restored . all.i can say is a meager thanl you to the deadicated team of amasing craftsmen that have made this old r.n. diver come up for air at last.thank you.alan mcdonald

    • Mike Dixon Says:

      Alan, sorry to hear about your injuries in the Falklands.Totally agree with you about Blueberries. I discovered them by accident a few years ago and bought two of them .Glad I did as they are fantastic instruments.

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