While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Brand new instrument line out just this month  from Weeping Guitars. Take a few moment to review the  videos of Weeping Guitar’s Banshee. The guitar  is a medium price point of around $500.00 . We think that Weeping Guitars  has a winner here  enjoy the videos
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
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Rhinehart Guitar Wonders

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Today’s entry is from Rhinehart Guitars, and talk about whimsical!  His great carvings are giving life to some of the most interesting guitar creations I have ever seen. I haven’t had the privilege of getting my hands on one to play, but I’m sure any builder that takes so much effort in making sure their guitars come to life will even more importantly make sure that their creations play as great as they look..

So let’s take a look at a couple of these stringed wonders

This beauty is called “First Fish” Since this was his first effort its kind of like Rinehart’s First Fruit

Fish Head,Fish Head

Builders Notes:

The top of this guitar is made of 3 pieces of oak that had been milled over 100 years ago and been used as siding on a barn. The oak was case-hardened from weather and I spent some blistering hours planning it down. My joinery was naively unprofessional, with a hot mix of glue and sawdust to bridge the cracks. To stabilize the whole thing, I laminated it to a solid plank of redwood. The routing for the pickups, electronics pocket, and neck was done with a neighbor’s Bosch that he kept stashed under his garage in case anyone he owed would try to accuse him on owning anything hockable. I sawed out the outline with a Black & Decker circular saw, then shaped it with a rasp bit chucked into my hand drill. All the carving was done with a few flat chisels I bought at Odd Lots and a few dental picks. I scalloped the fins with a sanding disk in a dremel tool. Somehow it all came together as an instrument and, even after two changes of neck, addition of another pickup and switching layout, the guitar plays fine, with a tight no-nonsense tone. When I built the 3rd neck with a more elaborate headstock carving I couldn’t quite get back to the spirit of the original body work. It’s a nice neck, but, someday I may try to do another that matches the overall look a little better. I may have to go back to Odd Lots.

Mr. Green, the Barfly

Builders notes:
“Mr. Green, the Barfly (012-94)

(Orig. Bil Laurence Keystone p/s; Sold to J. S. who’s swapped p/us a couple of times)

I was looking for a similar tonal vibe that I’d gotten with oak on top of redwood in the First Fish. Which has a great acoustic resonance. This has an ash top, similar hardness and density to oak, and a basswood back, similar in hardness to redwood. This is one of 2 or 3 others that I painted the back on because the wood was so plain. I painted the top with oil paints. When I did the bottles, I put down the green color then washed over it with a copal that melted the paint and gave it a great glassy look.

I’m very fond of the headstock carving. The neck was a Stew-Mac “paddle-head” unprofiled headstock, so I had a lot of room to work. I had fun designing the paper money and the coins. In loud we trust!

(Original with Stew/Mac tele neck; swapped for Framus neck; (new custom built neck, ’92-97?) (Bil Laurence neck p/u; Schaller bridge)”

Here are a couple Lap Steels  That I have to admit made me laugh Rhinehart has quite a creative  eye. Who would have tunk it.

to check out more of these wonders  go to http://fishguitar.com/

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I found My Thrill On Blueberry Hill

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Hi everyone and welcome back to the World’s Finest Guitars. If you’re a regular reader your aware that we have been on a semi hiatus for about six months. We’ve tried to update posts however we have been expanding our recording business and that adventure has kept us quite busy. but the good news is that the World’s Finest Guitars is also growing as well and we will be entering some new and exciting territory that will become apparent in the next entries. So this is not just a blind tease, World’s Finest Guitars will be premiering our new website in the very near future. We will no longer just be a blog about guitars but we will feature some opportunities for everyone to get more involved in the love of hand crafted instruments.
But enough with this news blurb lets get into a new post this time were going to look at a guitar line that we have been intrigued by for quite some time the guitar line is from Blueberry Guitars . There’s no doubt that Blueberry guitars has decided to be very proactive in hand crafted instruments.
If your familiar with the line, you know that the hand carving on the exterior of Blueberry Guitars is exceptional.

“Blueberry guitars is the inspiration of Montreal businessman and musician Danny Fonfeder who conceived the idea to marry outstanding craftsmanship to extraordinary art. American luthier and educator, George Morris, and Balinese woodcarver, Wayan Tuges, bring together two great craft traditions, combining the best of Western technology and expertise, with the best woodcarvers in the world.

Each guitar is handmade and unique in detail and materials. Each is a work of art worthy of the finest musicians. A special group of craftsmen add their exceptional skills to every guitar before it is tested and judged ready to be called a Blueberry Instrument. Blueberry Guitars embody a marriage of East and West. They celebrate the joining of mind and spirit, functionality and artful reverence. Each instrument will be a great musical inspiration and serve as a constant reminder of what artists can achieve. No two are alike. All meet the exacting standards demanded by great musicianship and art connoisseurs.


The unique fingerprint of the artist that appears on each guitar, half on and half off the label will become synonymous with our instruments. We trust that you will hear the difference with the very first note played and experience for yourself the new possibilities that await your talent.”

Source: Blueberry Guitars


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Alan McDonald Says:
November 30, 2010 at 2:37 am e

Although this wasn’t my 1st choice of Blueberry i chose the Fierro this guitar is by no means inferior in quality of build or sound reproduction.I was lucky to try this model out at Hobgoblen music iWadebridge Cornwall U.K. and the performance was outstanding to say the very least . This is the guitar you would gladly sell your wife and kids for.As far as the best guitar makers go I am proud to be the owner of one of their guitars .All I want now being greedy is a 12 string version of my Fierro to make up the set.Not just another guitar but an investment as well.Enjoy.



Thanks for your comment Alan, It’s always great to hear from our readers. I would love to own one myself…. Well there’s always Santa.

Have a great holiday WFGs

The Dreadnought is

just right for the flat-picking singer/songwriter, or bluegrass musician. Powerful, with a sonorous, crisp bass and clear, ringing trebles, it matches the intensity of the banjo and fiddle player, and its dynamic range perfectly complements vocal accompaniment. Most large, deep guitars tend to muddy the sound, at the expense of clear bass notes, and a clear definition overall. We think you will find that this is not the case with the Blueberry dreadnought. Notes are powerful but clear, with crispness throughout the tonal range, and balance across the board.Lets take a look at one of Blueberry’s larger models .The Dreadnought

Scale length: 25 1/2″ 648mm
# of frets: 20
Width lower bout: 15 3/4″ 40cm
Upper bout: 11 3/4″ 29.8cm
Body length: 20″ 50.8cm
Body depth at heel: 4 1/2″ 11.5cm
At butt: 5″ 12.7cm
Total length: 42″ 106.7cm
Nut width: 1 3/4″ – 44.5 mm
String-spread at saddle: 2 1/4″ 56mm


Blueberry Dreadnought Guitar

Back to Woodstock

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I came upon a child of god
He was walking along the road
And I asked him, where are you going
And this he told me
Im going on down to yasgurs farm
Im going to join in a rock n roll band

(Joni Mitchell)

Head to Woodstock. No not to the great music festival from 1969, but it is a great gathering of guitar builders from around the globe.

The guest list is a virtual who’s who of the worlds best Luthiers . With noted builders such as Ervin Somogyi, Tom Ribbecke, John Osthoff , Ken Parker, Otto D’Ambrosio, Michihiro Matsuda Just to name a few.. Here’s your chance to rub shoulders with some of the Worlds Finest Guitar Luthiers.


The Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase”

October 23-24-2010


is a low-key, laid-back event for the community of acoustic stringed-instrument builders, players, collectors and aficionados, presenting a gathering of handmade acoustic guitars and stringed musical instruments from around the world, the absolute finest expressions of the luthiers art. A luthier (from the word lute) is a stringed-instrument maker. Fine handmade instruments such as these are not usually available in music stores or other retail environments, and the Luthiers Showcase is a rare opportunity for the public to see, play and experience the instruments, meet with their makers, discuss custom options and one of a kind creations, and buy or order a dream guitar from dozens of master builders, all gathered together in one place.Blending tradition with innovation, knowledge, experience, craftsmanship, new materials and exotic woods, gorgeous decorative inlays, refinements and bold new directions in construction and design, the sound and playability of such beautiful instruments are inspirational to the creative spirit of musicians fortunate enough to play or own them. Nylon-stringed classical and flamenco style guitars, steel-string flattop and archtop guitars, crossovers and hybrids, resonators, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, violins, lutes and Middle Eastern ouds, baglamas and sazzes will be on display.





“The Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase

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Be back up soon

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Sorry all, we have had a death in our family . Our Patriarch Michael E Rizzo has move up to heaven . lucky man  We will miss you Dad.

Worlds Finest Guitars will be back on line in May 2010

Newport Guitar Festival

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Hi all, Today were going to get you all fired up to attend the Newport Guitar Festival  held at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida On April 16 – 18, 2010.

You won’t regret this road trip, there are hundreds of guitars to drool over and to try out. You can get up close and personal with all the builders and reps  You can purchase any or all of the on premises stock as well as sell one of your vintage prize beauties to one of the thousands of collectors attending the festival. . If you only plan on attending one festival this year  We suggest you make it to Newport .  Click this link to check out the performers at this years festival.http://newportguitarfestival.com/2010_Performers/performers.html

The Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, in short, is Guitar Central.  In future years they are even adding another hotel in the shape of a guitar with a thousand more rooms.  The campus has free parking for thousands upon thousands of visitors and exhibitors, and it is minutes away from modern, clean hotels with which we have negotiating special rates for our out of town visitors.

The Hard Rock is only ten minutes from the Fort Lauderdale Airport, so this venue is convenient for exhibitors, out-of-town guests, and is right in between Miami and the Palm Beaches, where we draw from a population of six million, made up of some of the nation’s most affluent guitar enthusiasts and collectors.

We will have the Modern Masters that are the mainstay of our show, along with vintage collections  and enough room to divide acoustic and electric instruments, as well as high end amplifiers and accessories which the public expects to see at a show like this.

So load up the truck and family and head out on the highway to the Newport Guitar Festival  it will be a memorable trip for all.  See you there.

Source :Newport Guitar Festival   http://www.newportguitarfestival.com/

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